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Nashville Sports News Titans Need Top WR to Win Super Bowl 2


Titans Need Top WR to Win Super Bowl

Titans Need Top WR to Win Super Bowl

Nashville Sports News Titans Need Top WR to Win Super Bowl 2

April 19, 2017

Titans Need Top WR to Win Super Bowl


Tennessee Titans- Historically the Tennessee Titans have never had a top 10 WR in the league.  In fact, the Titans/Oilers all time leading receiver is Earnest Givins with 7,935 Yards ranking 97th of all time.

Nashville SPorts News Earnet Givins

We have had the great running backs and defenses yet we are one of the few franchises remaining yet to win a Super Bowl. When you look at the last 15 years winner of the Super Bowl, 11 winners had a dominant receiver.  Its the game we are in today.

The NFL has changed the game to be more entertaining with the pass interference rules.  There for the teams who have the athletic receivers that can come down with it when it is thrown in their general direction have the advantage.

All the Titans have talked about over the last year is a culture change and boy is it ever.  The team seems to be reinvented.  What would complete this change is for the Titans to have a top 5 receiver, something they have never had in franchise history.

It should be unanimous that Marcus Mariota is the QB the Titans have been looking for through the years.  We have the offensive line and run game.  If we were to add Mike Williams to the Offense, on Paper, you would have an offense that is unstoppable.

Nashville Sports News Titans Need Top WR to Win Super Bowl 4

Additionally, Richard Mathews would be an excellent compliment to Williams and a great number 2 WR in the league.  Tajae Sharpe could easily be the best WR3 in the league as he was a steal in last years draft.

The Tennessee Titans Areas of most need improvement are WR, CB, and Saftey.  With the departure of Jason McCourty, the Titans are obviously looking to add to this area through the draft. It has been said for 50 years, “Defense Wins Championships;” and I would say that a truly dominant defense does.

With Exception to the Seahawks in Super Bowl 48, the recipe for Championship Teams is stellar offense complete with O-Line, RB, QB and WR’s coupled with a defense that is better than average.  This describes the Patriots to a T which is where Jon Robinson came from.

If the Bears do not take Lattimore ( CB Ohio State ), it would be tough to pass up.  However, J-Rob and Coach Mike Mularkey “changing the Culture” mission coincides with them getting Mike Williams.

Our Titans are primed to go deep this year, more than most outside of our town might expect.  Nearly all our key players are in there prime years and expectations are high for 2017.  Which means, the Titans are looking for a player to impact the team in game 1 of 2017.

There are only two, Williams (WR) and Lattimore(CB).  There is not another reciever who can do what Williams can on day one.  Route running and  QB communication take time.  What Williams offers is a pure jump ball guy that Mariota can just throw it up to for him to come down with.  Pure athleticism.  His size, hands, and jump ball ability is unmatched in the draft.

Nashville Sports News Titans Need Top WR to Win Super Bowl 3

We went back and watched the game between Clemson and Ohio state Dec. 31st 2016.  While Lattimore did grout of the game it was Ohio states game plan that told us something.  Ohio state elected, for the majority of the time, put Lattimore on the WR2 and Double Williams.  This told us something.

Also, Williams Caught a slant that if he had not got tripped up, would have out run the smaller Lattimore.  There is just to much of an upside to a large, athletic receiver.

This is what difficult when gauging college players. You have to look at the couple games a year they play a worthy adversary and judge just off of that as the NFL is tough games every week.  Williams had 96 receiving yards and no touchdowns in the game.  This was because he was the redbone threat so the defense took him away with double coverage.  This allowed Clemson to win 31-0.

Lastly, a potent offense has proven to put fans in the stands.  Thats just the truth.  The Tennessee Titans are a business and nothing is better for a defense than to have sell out crowds making a lot of noise.

The mock drafts have been going on so long now that we see the Titans drafting just about anyone at 5 and 18.  Linemen, DB, CB, and WR.  This is a yearly ritual as the entire country is suffering from ” Football Withdraw.”  When all the dust settles, all the teams need didn’t change.

Nashville Sports News Titans Need Top WR to Win Super Bowl 5

In an earlier article, we stated we thought the Titans would select Lattimore with the 5th pick if available.  He was also our fan pole winner at 64% between 4 options.  However, with Lattimores Hamstring issues and the surgery he had preformed, we have changed our pick to Mike Williams.  We feel the only way Tennessee passes on Williams with the 5th pick is if they are fairly confident they can get him 18th.

This would give Jon Robinson the same type weapons his previous team won their Super Bowls in his tenure.

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