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Titans Have Busy Week with NFL Key Dates

Titans Have Busy Week with NFL Key Dates

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Titans have busy week with NFL Key Dates 1

NASHVILLE- While it is the off season for all the players and fans, it is peak season for all the scouts and Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson. This week has several key NFL dates for player acquisitions.

With all the speculation of trades and FA signing, especially surrounding Brandon Cooks and Terrelle Pryor, we should here some announcements late this week or early next. With the combine wrapping up today, GM’s across the league have calculated their draft position, seen want they needed to at the combine, and have a good idea of the players they want to sign before the draft. That will start unrolling across the league this week.

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NFL Key Dates this Week

Monday-NFL Combine finishes up.
Tuesday-9:AM NFL teams can start negotiating with player agents across the league.
Thursday-9:AM NFL Teams can sign Free Agents
9:AM All 2016 Contracts Expire
9:AM NFL Teams can execute Trades
4:PM All teams must be under the salary cap by 4:PM

With all of these dates unfolding this week, we are sure to get star player signing announcements and if the Tennessee Titans make any acquisitions, this will give us an idea of their plans for the draft.  The Titans are in need of WR’s and DB’s mainly.  So if they were to sign an Eric Berry type, we would know their focus in the draft will be WR’s and could probably take a good guess at which one.

Stay tuned for up to date announcements this week.  If the Titans are in negotiations or sign a player, NSN will be there.


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