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Tennessee Titans Hire New Coordinators


Tennessee Titans Hire New Coordinators

Tennessee Titans Hire New Coordinators

The Tennessee Titans new Head Coach Mike Vrabels acquires the leagues best available at their position to help him get it done in 2018.-Tennessee Titans Hire New Coordinators.

The Titans announced yesterday Rams offensive coordinator, Matt Lafleur, would be the new offensive coordinator.  Lafleur interviewed for the Head Coaching job in Tennessee Prior to the hiring of Mike Vrabel.

While Lafleur held the title of offensive coordinator in Los Angeles, McVay called the plays.  Never the less, he was an assistant to the number one scoring offense in 2017.  The highlight here is the personality match between Lafleur and Mariota.

Tennessee Titans Hire New Coordinators MattTennessee Titans Hire New Coordinators

Matt LaFluer has coached under several offensive schemes that developed young quarterbacks especially out of the pocket.  While opinions will vary, LaFluer would have to rank near the top of everyones list as the best OC available for the Titans.

The hunt for a Defensive Coordinator appeared to be the most difficult as all the top Coordinators are being offered Head coaching jobs.  Fortunately for the Titans, Deen Pees had put in for his retirement with the Baltimore Ravens at the end of this past year.

After only a couple of weeks, he stated he missed the game more than he thought.  Mike Vrabel was quick to recruit the Super Bowl winning DC and solidify his defensive coach. Pees has coached football for 45 years and has never been fired from a position.

Tennessee Titans Hire New Coordinators PeesTennessee Titans Hire New Coordinators

There was quite a bit of contrevasray stirred at the announcement of Vrabel as the new head coach.  However, taking a look at the trio at the helm, they compliment each other well and big things should be expected.

With the Titans top three coaches in place, they can now start carving their path for the future.
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Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans Hire New Coordinators

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