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Tennessee Titans 2017 Draft Projection Round 1

Tennessee Titans 2017 Draft Projection Round 1

Tennessee Titans 2017 Draft Projection Round 1

The Tennessee Titans have the 5th overall pick thanks to the Rams and Jon Robinson, Titans GM, as well as the 18th pick.  This years draft could be as effective as last years if it goes as planned.  

The two areas the Titans need to improve on the most this year are Wide Receiver and Cornerback.  While Rishard Mathews led the Titans wide receiver core last year, he could use some help.  Young Rookie Tajae Sharpe shows a ton of promise as well but in order to be successful in this league, teams need three threats.  If everything goes as it should in this years draft, the Tennessee Titans could find themselves coming away with exactly what they need.

When NSN looks at what the first four teams need, it should leave the Titans in position to take the best wide receiver in the draft 5th overall.  Clemson’s wide receiver, Mike Williams.

Mike Williams

Tennessee Titans 2017 Draft Projections Round 1 Mike Williams

Williams is 6’3, 225lbs.  His size, weight, and speed are a rare combination making him nearly impossible to cover.  He has tremendous vertical leap, though this will not be measured until the combine.  Couple this with him playing the game fearless and is always willing to work the middle of the field and you have yourself a rare commodity that doesn’t come along that often.  Allowing Rishard Mathews and Tajae Sharpe to play on opposite sides to this guy will create a play ground for Mariota.  Titans will be looking to turn their weakness into their strength this year and Williams gives them their best chance.  If he is available, as he should be, the Titans GM Jon Robinson will not think twice.

For the 18th Pick, NSN projects the Titans to walk away with Quincy Wilson, CB Florida.

Quincy Wilson

Tennessee Titans 2017 Draft Projections Round 1 Quincy Wilson

Wilson is 6’1, 213 lbs.  While his speed and foot work is a great asset, what sets Wilson apart is his play making ability.  Wilson has a nose for the ball and plays with a level of intensity.  Marshon Lattimore, CB Ohio State, is the other option but we think the Indianapolis Colts will select him 15th.  Given a choice between the two, Wilson also comes from Mularkeys alma mater so we still choice Wilson.

When Mike Mularkey started the 2016 season you can bet he felt the pressure to deliver.  While the season was considered a success going 9-7 with a new staff and losing two games by just one play, if the draft goes as planned he will have a whole new kind of pressure.  When you have the best Left Tackle in the game, Top Offensive line, Best young QB in the league, and a pair of RB that could run all day, if you add these two draft picks to your roster the expectations will be tremendous.  GM Jon Robinson would have assembled the best Titans roster of this century.  Making the play offs is an expectation with out them.  Add them and we will be looking to host some play off games.

Tennessee Titans 2017 Draft Projections Round 1  1


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Tennessee Titans 2017 Draft Projection Round 1

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