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How will Titans Use all their talent Mariota


How Will Titans Use All Their Talent

How Will Titans Use All Their Talent


The Tennessee Titans have spent this offseason building a roster that allows them to run any play from any formation.  Players through out the positions all have a skill set opposite of others which gives the coaches opportunity to change things up when needed.

As we near the 2017 season, we search through the Titans talent to get an idea of what schemes they will run this year based off each groups strengths.

Offensive Line:

The 2016 Titans already had a dominant offensive line that ranked  Top 3 in the league and should repeat their performance.

Running Backs:

Demarco Murray Finished 3rd last year in yardage.  Derrick Henry comes into Mini Camp with a better understanding of the offense and much quicker than a year ago.

By selecting RB Khalfani Muhammad in the draft, the Titans add a shifty speed demon to the backfield to compliment Murray and Henry’s running style.


Marcus Mariota has the double threat of throwing the ball deep or using his 4.5 speed to run at any time. This essentially gives the Titans another running back on every play.

Tight End:

Delaine Walker was the Titans leading reciever in 2016.  He is to fast for safety’s and to strong for corners making him tough for opposing teams to match up with one on one.

The Titans selected Jonnu Smith in the draft who both catches and blocks very well. With so much talent spread across the field, Smith will likely be asked to mostly block his rookie year.

Wide Receiver:

This was an area where Tennessee was lacking in 2016 and their greatest area of improvement this off season.

The Titans number one pick Corey Davis, from a statistical stand point, is the best wide receiver in NCAA history.  His size gives him great jump ball ability yet his strength and speed will beat corners as well.

The Titans selected Taywan Taylor with the 72nd pick.  This guy goes down as our number one steal in the entire draft at 72.  He ranks 10th all time in receiving yards in NCAA history and is a big time red zone threat.

As if that was not enough, the Titans recently signed Veteran Eric Decker to a one year contract.  While Decker has been a big name in the NFL, he is still under rated as he has always played the number 2 spot behind a big name.

He has all the stats one could hope for.  The best thing about Decker is he lives in Nashville as his wife business is here.  Signing a one year deal, Decker will be killing it to get a contract extension to play at home next year.

Rishard Matthews is returning as well who had just under one thousand yards receiving in 2016 as a #1.  Matthews will likely draw #2 coverage this year if not a safety and will be far more productive.

Tajae Sharpe was a steal last year for the Titans and has his rookie year past him.  Sharpe started off 2016 strong and comes into camp this year as a vet.

The Tennessee Titans had one of the best run games in the league last year without any real deep ball threat.  Defenses were coming in focused on stopping the run yet they couldn’t.

The Titans have added so many deep ball threats to their wide receiving core that it opens up all possibilities.  Teams will be struggling to formulate a plan on how to stop the deep ball and can no longer focus on Demarco Murray.

If teams decide to stack the box, they will almost certainly pay for it leaving one of these receivers one on one.

The Titans are capable of changing their backfield from an all around Pro Bowler, to a Mac Truck, to a back with 4.3 speed you can’t see behind the line.

In the mist of all this, lets not forget Delaine Walker is coming across the middle with no one on the field that can cover him one on one.

Titans Offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie can go from a two tight end set to a four wide set a know he has the personnel to be successful.


How Will Titans Use All Their Talent

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