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Dick LeBeau Remains with Titans for 2017 Season

Dick LeBeau Remains with Titans for 2017 Season

Dick Lebeau has announced he will remain with the Titans for the 2017 season.



Dick Lebeau came on with the Tennessee Titans in 2015 as Assistant Head Coach. At the time, Ray Horton was the Defensive Coordinator but departed for Cleveland in 2016.  On January 20th, 2016, the Titans named him the Defensive Coordinator.  With just one season with the defense, the Titans showed what was possible in the future. Dick Lebeau is the most experienced coach in the NFL with a playing career of 14 years, and a coaching career of 45 years, there is not much an offensive coordinator can throw at him he hasn’t seen.

Lebeau was attended college at Ohio State where he played Iron Man football at both half back and cornerback where he became a national champion in 1959.  He was then drafted by the Cleveland Browns but was cut before the season began.  He spent the next 14 years playing cornerback for the Detroit Lions and 62 total interceptions is still the franchise record.  Lebeau was a three time Pro Bowler from 1964-1966.  He retired from playing in 1972.

In 1973 he started his coaching career with the Philadelphia Eagles as the special teams coach spanning from 1973-1975.  There the story began.  While owning records as a player in Detriot, Lebeau’s accolades as a coach put his playing days in the shadows.  As a coach he has elevated several defenses along with winning Super Bowl XL and XLlll.  Also, in 2008, Sports News named him Coordinator of the year and he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010.  To be inducted in the Hall of Fame, you must be at least 5 years retired from the game.  They cut the list down to 15 modern era players and 2 senior (25 years retired). So how you ask is Dick Lebeau in the Hall of Fame if he has never retired, because he is Dick Lebeau.  The reality is, when making the rules up, no one considered someone playing and coaching for 59 years.  Its just not supposed to be done.

Dick Lebeau Hall of fame

Dick Lebeau’s Resume

  • 1959-1972                         Player                                      Detroit Lions
  • 1973-1975                    Special teams                               Philadelphia Eagles
  • 1976-1979                  Defensive Backs                             Green Bay Packers
  • 1980-1983                  Defensive Backs                             Cincinnati Bengals
  • 1984-1991             Defensive Coordinator                        Cincinnati Bengals
  • 1992-1994                  Defensive Backs                             Pittsburg Steelers
  • 1995-1996             Defensive Coordinator                        Pittsburg Steelers
  • 1997-2000             Defensive Coordinator                        Cincinnati Bengals
  • 2000-2002                     Head Coach                                Cincinnati Bengals
  • 2003                              Assistant HC                                Buffalo Bills
  • 2004-2014             Defensive Coordinator                        Pittsburg Steelers
  • 2015-                AHC/Defensive Coordinator                    Tennessee Titans


If Dick Lebeau ever actually had to look for a job or needed to fill out a resume, that is what it would look like.  However, it’s Dick Lebeau.  He was coaching when you were born and odds are if you do not know this resume then you are not one in a position to hire anyway.  He decides where he would like to work and then makes a call.  They will make room for him because any coach in the NFL would like to have that kind of experience on his staff.

Why Dick Lebeau choose Tennessee, we may never know but lets be glad he did.  He was born on September 9, 1937 and will turn 80 this year.  Anyone who has 59 years experience but more importantly, a love for the game to continue coaching into his 80’s is unmatchable.  There will never be another so Titans fans, enjoy.

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