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Micheal Phelps Races Shark COver-2


Micheal Phelps Races Shark

Micheal Phelps Races Shark

July 24, 2017

Anticipation grew as the much publicized Micheal Phelps races shark event by the discovery channel for Shark Week arrived.

The hour long segment had revealed several details leading up to the event.  Phelps was quoted as saying, ” I will be protected by divers.”  This led the public to believe he would be racing a real shark.

Fifty seven minutes into the show, viewers learned Phelps would be racing a computer generated time.  Show producers had averaged a Great Whites swim speed to be duplicated for the race.

Micheal Phelps Races Shark Boat

The race would be over a one hundred meter distance in open waters.  Phelps did have divers protecting him but not due to a Shark opponent.

Phelps did state in an opening interview he would not be racing the shark at the same time.

Many viewers took to twitter calling Micheal Phelps races shark event a scam.  Producers seemed to have purposely led the public to think it would be some type of live, head to head race.

Since Great White Sharks are known to be among the deadliest creatures in the sea, it is no wonder why the producers did not want to endanger the most decorated Olympian of all time.

Over 100 Meters, Phelps clocked a time two seconds slower than the shark.  Phelps was equipped with a single foot fin to even the odds but was no match for the Apex predator.

Micheal Phelps Races Shark Promo

Phelps stated he wanted a rematch in warmer waters but two seconds over one hundred meters is a lot to make up.

Producers of the show are left trying to explain the reasons for misleading the public.  The obvious and straight forward answer is simple however.  Micheal Phelps likely drew a hefty pay check for the event.  There for, the show producers had no choice but to attract as many viewers as possible in whatever means necessary.

Lets see if they later just come right on out with it.


Micheal Phelps Races Shark

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