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Predators Mike Fisher Retires From NHL cover-2


Predators Mike Fisher Retires From NHL

Predators Mike Fisher Retires From NHL

August 3, 2017

Nashville Predators Captain Mike Fisher announces his retirement this morning after 17 years in the league.  The announcement comes one month before the start of the Predators camp.

In Fishers 17 seasons he tallied 1088 games and is arguably the Predators most recognizable player in franchise history.  While Fisher did not score a goal in last years playoff run, his defensive play was and impact on his team mates had a huge impact.

Predators Mike Fisher Retires From NHL locker

“He’s a great person. I think he makes people around him better. I think that’s a great quality that he has. At the same time he’s our Captain, so, still a big time impact player” said Goalie Pekka Rinne.

Predators Mike Fisher Retires From NHL

When asked about retirement at the conclusion of last years season Fisher said, “I want to separate myself from the season and get some quiet time, kind of away, prayer and just figure out my decision, not an easy decision, no question. Lots of positives to both, but it’ll take time. I know it’ll come. I’ll try not to put any pressure on myself.”

Its hard to say Fishers retirement came as a big shock.  At the conclusion of last year, Fisher made the comments like a player seriously considering retirement.  On Friday the Preds announced the 8 year contract of fellow centermen Ryan Johansen.  This was the longest deal in franchise history which was a minor tip off of what was to come.

Mike Fisher is also married to country music star Carrie Underwood.  The couple have a two year old son which was a likely factor for the Captian’s decision.  Underwood has been quoted stating she does her concert tours during the NHL season so the couple will have the summers off.

Predators Mike Fisher Retires From NHL married

Even though Fisher has retired, Nashville fans will likely see him near as much as he and his wife are the Predators biggest fans.


Predators Mike Fisher Retires From NHL

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