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Predators Await Mike Fisher's Decision Cover-2


Predators Await Mike Fisher’s Decision

Predators Await Mike Fisher’s Decision

July 25, 2017

The Nashville Predators team Captain Mike Fisher remains unsigned for the 2017-18 season.  With the Preds roster taking shape, the Pred’s await Mike Fisher’s Decision.

Captain Mike has played 1,088 games in his NHL career and has experienced nearly everything hockey has to offer.  The only exception would be the elusive Stanley Cup which ranks among the toughest to win in all sports.

Predators Await Mike Fisher's Decision Interview

The Nashville Predators have expressed the desire to Fisher to have him aboard for the 2017-18 season.  At this point, it’s Mike Fisher’s decision weather or not he wants to give it one more try.

“He is on vacation, and I have been away ,” Predators general manager David Poile said Monday. “I’m hoping to talk to him later this week to see where he’s at. I’d say by next week, we should have an update.”

Predators Await Mike Fisher's Decision Couple

As the Predators await Mike Fisher’s Decision, Fisher’s circumstances are much different than most in the NHL.  Being married to Country Music Star Carrie Underwood creates a logistic nightmare for the Fisher family.

Carrie is known to do her touring from Spring to Fall so she has has Summer’s off with her family.  While Captain Mike travels to different locations through the same months.

A source close to the Fisher’s state that Captain Mike’s decision will be based almost entirely on the couple’s kids.  Let’s face it, if Mike Fisher were to return for another season, it would not be for the money.

While the Predators rely on Captain Mike’s leadership in the locker room, make no mistake, they also benefit from the power couples fan pool.  Having your team Captain married to Carrie Underwood bring another dynamic to the games and team status.

Predators Await Mike Fisher's Decision Benefit

At 37, if Fisher were to resign with the Predators, it would likely be for a one year contract on both ends.  Aside from his kids, Fisher only question is does he think the team can repeat last years run.

Predators Await Mike Fisher’s Decision


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