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Romo Will be Heading to Houston Texans 2resized

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Romo Will Be Heading to Houston Texans

Romo Will Be Heading to Houston Texans

Romo Will be Heading to Houston Texans 2resized

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This is not official but is the obvious to say the least.  Many things happen leading up to a big trade before it is announced and if you add up everything that has happened thus far, the answer is right in front of you.

Romo will be Heading to Houston Texans Cover

  1. Texans trade away Brock Osweiler for next to nothing.  Basically just to get out of the contract and make cap room.
  2. The Cowboys decide not to release Romo as planned.  It is well known Jerry Jones likes Tony Romo and they said they would do right by each other.  This move was to do right by the Cowboys as Romo could get several contracts if released.  In December, Rumors were floating around Houston and the league to trade Romo for JJ Watt.  Not likely but possible.
  3. The Texans have a better set up for a Veteran QB with a few years left with Hopkins and Fuller.
  4. Tony Romo loves Texas and wants to stay.
  5. Denver announced they are happy with their situation with Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemen.
  6. Lastly, Romo tweeted his goodbye’s to Cowboys fans.  While yes his departure is imitate, this appeared to be motivated by some news he received or something he knows will happen.


Add everything up and there is simply not another logical destination for Tony Romo to end up.  Barring a team with a lot of salary room and some great picks they are willing to give away and basically over pay.  Only way this would happen is a team with an O Line and WR’s that are positioned to win now and not in the future.  There is not a team out there like that except the Texans.

Romo Will be heading to Houston Texans 1

Tennessee Titans fans will most likely see Tony Romo twice a year starting 2017.

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