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Kneeling During The National Anthem? Colin

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Kneeling During The National Anthem?

Kneeling During The National Anthem?

ESPN has elected not to air the National anthem for Mondays night game.  At some point, all parties involved must consider a few things. Kneeling During The National Anthem.

Kneeling for the anthem began with Colin Kaepernick in last years season. A starting QB that was benched and likely wanted to stand out. His efforts were said to be aimed at bringing attention to Police Brutality on Black Americans.

We asked a retired Metro Police Sergeant in Nashville, who requests to remain nameless, if race plays a part in their decision making and if any profiling still exists.  ” Profiling still exists on many levels in police work.  However, it is not based on a persons race whats so ever.  It is based on how a person presents themselves and their general actions.”

Kneeling During The National Anthem? Miami

Kneeling During The National Anthem

While we are sure there are racists people out there, it is kind of hard to fathom in todays society.  If you are a born American, you have an 89% chance that your DNA is made up of at least five nationality’s.  Simply put, racism equals ignorance.

When one goes to weigh in on this issue, they should first educate themselves on the stats.  They will find reports of police brutality is remarkably close across all nationality’s.

The issue in question, is the National Anthem the platform to demonstrate a racial protest?  To most Americans, placing your hand over your chest as the Anthem is played, is a tribute to those who gave their life for us to live the way we do today.

People of all nationality’s have given the ultimate sacrifice to allow the flag to fly today.  We asked Harry Silver, a retired vet, what he thinks when he sees players kneel.  ” I really do not think the players realize what they are doing.  Most of them are pretty young.  When you have seen a friend of yours die right next to you fighting for our country, then you see someone making a lot of money to play a game because of my friends sacrifice, it makes you think they died in vein.”

Kneeling During The National Anthem? Pittsburgh

Whether it is right or wrong for an NFL a player to stand or kneel is not for any of us to decide.  What seems clear however is all players who have served or have a family member that have, stand.

Ultimately that seems to be the answer to the question.  If any American feels the need to protest, it is their constitutional right.  Performing their protest at the proper time and venue however, is solely up to the individuals good  judgement.


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Kneeling During The National Anthem


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