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Brady Wins 1000 Super Bowl 51

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Greatest of All Time , Patriots Win Super Bowl

Greatest of All Time , Patriots Win Super Bowl

When the question comes out, “who is the GOAT (Greatest of all time),” it always seems to be a discussion with various opinions and reasons why.  The sport or position is irrelevant.  This is because there is always another play in history that has accomplished the same thing.  After last nights Super Bowl Performance, the questions of who is the greatest quarterback of all time or Head Coach are clearly defined.

Brady Wins 1000 Super Bowl 51


At one point, the Patriots fell behind 25 points, more than any Super Bowl victor in History.  Not only were the Patriots trying to capture more titles than any other team ever or a QB/HC with more titles than any predecessor, they had to do it against all odds.

From the looks of it, the Atlanta Falcons came out with the right game plan.  On paper, Atlanta mediocre defense should not have been able to stop the Patriots but they did the first half of the game.  While New Englands Defense should have held some against the potent Falcon offense yet Atlanta seemed to be able to do whatever the first half.

The second half went more as expected with exception to the likeliness of the Patriots being able to Hold the Atlanta offense to just 7 second half points. This is where, whether you are a patriots fan or not, you have to respect them.  They never panicked.  They kept diagnosing what works and what didn’t until they had what they needed.

Atlanta also made the same mistake so many do by getting up and then focusing more on running out the clock than realizing the team they are playing is known for coming back.  If you give Tom Brady the chance to win the game at the end, he is going to 99/100.  It was a true testament to a superior thinking organization.

With all this being said, we are not Patriot fans by no means but you have to respect them for what they have accomplished the past 15 Years.  They have been the focal point of many scandals but at this point does that really matter?  5 Championships in 15 Years is impossible no matter what you do.  The fact of the matter is the Falcons were simply out coached.  There is clearly more talent on Atlanta than New England and that is not a shot at Dan Quinn.  The reality is when you have been in that position 8 times versus someone in their first, who do you think will prevail.

Thats is the “M.O.” of the Great ones.  They play their best when it matters the most.  If Atlanta was a Championship team, they have to make the plays needed towards the end of the game not just the beginning.


Bellichick WIns Super Bowl 51The last question that seems to be finally answered from last nights game is who benefits from who more, Brady from Belichick, or vise versa.  The Patriots didn’t have any huge plays rather a consistent game plan that got them back in it.  Bill Belichick is the Greatest mastermind to ever coach the game and he is the reason for the teams continuous success.  Brady is the GOAT. Sure he owns plenty of records but two mean more than any, Super Bowl rings and total wins.  Its as simple as that.

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