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Nashville Sports News Enough on Tony Romo and Why 1


Enough About Tony Romo and Why

Enough About Tony Romo and Why

Enough About Tony Romo and Why

April 17, 2017

As we have all heard by now , Tony Romo is hanging up his cleats for a Broad casters position.Tonight we take a look at Romos send off as a player,   give an unbios perspective to his his career acomplishments on the Grid iron, and measure how he stacks up to the NFL Greats of the past.

Tony’s first three years in the nfl were spent as a back up in Dallas until he finaaly got his start in 2006.For the next nine years he would rack up a lot stats using weapons such as Terrel Owens, Jason Witten, and Dez Bryant.

Romo would have his share of fourth quarter combacks and heroic moments but these times would ultimately be in games of little importance.While Tony romo is a great guy off the field we asked ourselves if the elite qauterback send off he is recieveing from the NFL world is warranted.

Nashville Sports News Enough on Tony Romo and Why 1

He will always be remembered for the mis handled field goal attempt and there is no way around that,   but does it actually go deeper than that.The reality is Romo played great and put up the majority of his stats sept-November.

Whether it be due to injury issues or just a bigger stage, Number 9 didn’t seem to do well from December through the play offs. In his 11 year playing career, Tony Led his team to play offs 4 times.

These four trips resulted in 2 post season wins and 4 losses. The two wins were both wild card wins which meant 0 out of 11 years did the Cowboys make it past the second play off game.

The toughest pill to swallow is through out the last two weeks when tony romos name is mentioned , it is followed with a comparion to all time great brett farve. We wanted to do a side by side comparison between the two quarterbacks focusing on the 4 key statistics that measure a great quarterback.

Nashville Sports NewsEnough About Tony Romo and Why 3


Post season Wins

Passing Yards


Farve easily doubles romo in the passing yards and touchdown categorys. Has 13 to Romos 2 Post season wins. And has made 2 Superbowl Apperearances winning one. We can also see Tony Romos Passer rating stat that is the focus of every report on his retirement.

But the Key stat here is Tony Romo Plays for the number one fan base in the league. Now what all Romo fans are going to say is Brett farve played nearly twice as long so we looked through the NFL for a QB with the closest stats and Health issues.


Yes we are comparing Tony Romo to Jay Cutler.If we look past the hype and the prosona of Captian of Americas Team, The comparison is accurate.While Romo does nudge out Jay Cutler in all categorys it is not by Much and this is a Quarter back that cant find a job for 2017.

Again the key stat here is Jay Cutler played for the 16th rank fan base. Its is entirely possible that when teams heard they could make a deal for Romo, they had to look past the Hype and compare pure stats that just didn’t measure up.

John Elway came out early and said the Broncos were content with Trevor Seiman and Paxton Lynch.Keep in Mind this thought process is coming from a top 10 greatest Qaurter back of all time.And you can bet if Tom Brady or any elite Qb in the league for that matter were looking for a job Elway would be interested.

The Dallas Cowboys have had three prolific quaterbacks in franchise History:

Rodger Staubach played in a day when 300 yard games were tough to come by.

Troy Aikmen had Emmitt Smith, the all time leading rusher and managed 4 consecutive NFC Championship games of Which he won 3 superbowls. The guy was actually better in the post season than in the regular season. A Staple for all the greats.


Tony Romo being the franchises all time leader in passing     and having the all time Qb Rating of 97.1 % is a great accomplishment    but if it were for any other team, say the Philadelphia Eagles, it would not mean anything.. In fact Donovan Mcnabb Out rank s Romo in all Key Categorys and he didn’t recive near the send off when he hung it up.

Nashville Sports NewsEnough About Tony Romo and Why 2

So what we are saying if we are saying anything at all is good Job Jerry Jones for the fantastic PR job you did with Tony Romo.

As he will be remembered as a better than average Quarterback at Best Its time to drop all the hype, stop all the Farve comparisons, and let the guy persue his broadcasting career which I am sure he will be great at.


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