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Landry Defeats Beckham 500-2

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Jarvis Landry Defeats Odell Beckham in Hands Skills

Jarvis Landry Defeats Odell Beckham in Hands Skills

Landry Defeats Beckham 500

Its Pro Bowl week in Miami Florida and Pregame festivities are under way.  In the Days leading up to the big game, “friendly” competitions are organized for each position to demonstrate ones skills against each other.

Odell Beckham turned in a time of 52.8 at the hands skills competition.  His old team mate from LSU, Jarvis Landry who is now with the Miami Dolphins, was set head to head with Beckham. Though these competitions are meant to be just for fun, when number one receivers from two teams square off, an athletes competitive nature comes out.  Especially when its an old team mate and friend.



The competition was first a ball drop for 100′ with a drone, then moved on to a hands skills competition consisting of 8 station that required the receiver to catch the ball in certain positions and number of hands.  In the end, Landry squeaked out Beckham by 2/10 of a second to defeat him.  Beckham tackled him at the end of the competition as a friendly gesture. These two are good friends on and off the field but rest assured they wanted to beat each other badly.

Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry

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